Anatomy Thread of Cristóbal Aparicio


Hi all!

I just want share with all of you my anatomy and figurative sketches.

So, let’s begin:

Anatomy study based on the Michelangelo´s masterpiece named “The Victory”

(Oh, well… ALL Michelangelo´s works are masterpiece!) :smiley:


Two more:

Carry on with Michelangelo, a color study from one of the hundreds figures in the Sistine Chapel:

And a back anatomy & proportions study:

C &C will be very welcome.


Another anatomy study:

Was done in preparation for these two final drawings:


Sketches done with pencil sketch:


Lovely stuff, keep it up :slight_smile:


Thank you LordMcGoat for your valuation, you have amazing works in your portfolio. :thumbsup:

More sketches, done with red, blue and black pens:


Some lovely studies here. Look forward to seeing more!


AJ: Thank you for your nice words!

Here´s one more page:


Proportions study done with black pen.

Beside, an arm´s bones study in a front perspective. I did it simplifying the bones geometry to make it easyer.

In the body, I wanted try with long proportions.


Another proportions study for the same figure, also done with black pen.


Pencil sketches from Edward Burne-Jones pictures.


Study with ink and sketch pencil.

Done for this final drawing:


Another ink study…

…for this final drawing. I named it “Hercules and the lion of Nemea”:

The final draw was done with ink and water.


Ok, I know, this is not an anatomy study, but I want to share it anyway.

This is my design work for my character “Ucú” (you can see him in the bathroom, dancing salsa, and with the doctor House).

The final choice is in the last row, second starting to the left. In the 3D model I add a long and thin tail.


This is a sketch with my own version of William Tell, used here in a metaphorical way, representing a man who wants to keep his position although he is becoming already an old man.

Beside, a color study of Michelangelo’s Adam, from the Sistine Chapel.

William Tell done in pencil and Adam in color pencil.


And here is William´s son, which is now too big and must to bow down to keep his position.

Soon, he will get uprising.

Pencil and color pencil for the son and ink for the monster.


Self-portrait. Done with color pencils.


Having fun with some monsters design and little dinosaurs:


More body studies:


London’s Sketchbook p.1:

Years ago I visited London and buy a sketchbook which is already full of draws. Here are all of them.

First page: some funny characters: