anatomy study help please


Hi guys
I am new to zbrush and studying anatomy in it and would like to know which is the best way to study it

please help me regards samy


I am definitely not Pro but,i have asked some Pro people so…
I strongly recommand you start from bones!In the beginning i was really confused about that,why should i learn something i won’t sculpt,or will i?
However after 1 month i understood that knowing what’s under the flesh is really usefull,besides don’t forget that bones give to muscles and skin their form!
Then move to the muscles learn them all!If you are not able to sculpt and area it’s because you don’t know how to!

But here’s the hard part…if you want to go Pro you need to get a book!Not artistic but surgery book!I will be honest,photos are really disgusting,especially from me who can’t stand blood but i overcome this since it’s the way we live!There’s nothing disgusting or anything ashame of the human body,it’s a beauty of nature!

I hope i helped you!I am 15 years old so,i may be wrong,there’s a lot of people here who have much more knoweledge and experience!Wait for their answers as well!

Just remember those 3 tips :

*Never give up,the fail is the ladder to success!
*Understand what you do and why you do!
*Get a book!!!A good one but search online as well!


Thanks man for your helpful advices and I found that reading books in artistic anatomy besides masterclasses like Ryan kingeslien course(anatomy in action) really help


Yeah,Ryan all the way!
He is a master of Zbrush and anatomy!
Small things like facial alar groove etc for example make the difference!
A book is good to give you the basic knowelede you need and i think it’s necessary as well,most of Ryan’s tutorial are talking about not just advanced anatomy but way too advanced,that means you need to have a book!


Scott Eaton

Zack Petroc’s lectures

Philippe Faraut


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