Anatomy and Sketchbook Thread of Crescero


Hello dear CGSociety Community,

I am very happy to have found and be a part of this community from now on. I am calling my thread “Sketchbook” and “Anatomy” because I am a 2D and 3D Character artist. New to the field of 3D though.
And even though I’ve spend years within the 2D field I want to get more serious about my (anatomy) skills and improve to a whole new level. Feedback, critique and advice from you people is incredibly welcome, I am very grateful for your time taken and I thank you in advance.

Below are some screenshots taken from a today’s skull study. This is my second “self-attempt” in ZBrush, so far. I know I lack software skills. I seriously need to close that gap, hnhn. But what I really, really seek here is feedback on the anatomy, shape and form languages. A big thank you from me!