Anamorphic illusion on LCD screen


Hi, At work I’ve been asked to create content for one of the big LCD screens during an upcoming event. It’s a screen around a corner that looks pretty similar to the Seoul LCD screen. See attached image.

I’m trying to figure out a way to recreate the same anamorphic illusion but need some help!

Current solve: recreate the complete situation in 3D and render the screen from the virtual location of the viewer. Then stretch the export in After Effects to the desired pixel resolution from the LCD screen.

However my guess is that this can be done better. Preferably all inside Cinema 4D.

Would be amazing to get some help with this!


Videos of the Seoul screen:



Projection/camera mapping?

It looks like there are separate image sequences for the side panel and the front, cleverly blended together…

I will also add that it’s designed to be viewed from more or less this angle – it looks weird from the front.


I think the difficulty isn’t to do the projection mapping in 3D, it is to capture the projected image back on the UV of the physical screen, so that you get the distorted HD/4K image that will look right when shown in real life.

One way would be:

  1. recreate a dummy screen with perfect UVs (no distortion), mimicking the real life screen.
  2. Project the scene from a camera onto the dummy screen
  3. Capture/bake the surface color on the UVs of the dummy screen (texture baking tools)

Maybe you can do the camera projection to UV transfer with nodes, but I’m not good enough with them yet.