An unexpected find


Wow. I’m looking at the samples and it does look fantastic indeed.
Wish something like this were available for Fusion.


After a few false starts, yes Motion is starting make sense and seems pretty fluid to work with. Anyone on a Mac who needs an AE replacement should just buy it – it’s £49/$49 for heaven’s sake. It’s also being optimised for the new Mac Pro, so is still being actively developed.

I too have my eye on mFlare2, which does look great. I’ll definitely pick it up at some point. MotionVFX are churning out products, with mPuppet soon, and a 3D tracker in the pipeline as well.

Yanobox Nodes is another plugin I’d like to get at some point, but it’s a bit pricier. Maybe one for a Black Friday deal…


There is a cross-platform Motion style app being developed by the same team who created the Maya mograph tools called MASH.

The app is called Cavalry and is in closed beta. More info here but their twitter/instagram is more active with examples and tests. In a brief Q&A it was obvious they have significant plans i.e. currently the app is just 2d but they intend to make it a 3d app too. If you’re interested in behavioural and generative animation it’s an interesting option.


Yeah, I’ve heard of it but not seen much about it. Looks interesting (sure looks like After Effects at first glance), and glad it’s cross platform. One to keep an eye on.


As someone who is just trying to make the jump from half windows to full OSX (3dsmax is the only thing that keeps me there… and then it bleeds to “ok let’s have After Effects on this boot camp too to not have to go back and forth all the time”) and hearing this is both motivating and makes me happy, I’m just waiting on a recently ordered iMac, install the bundled pro apps and hit away.
I love after effects dearly and have spent quite some money on plugins (trapcode, videocopilot, etc), template, footage, etc… at least footage and some plugins might be cross compatible.
Just recently also read about mO2 plugin and it looks fantastic.
In all honesty, subscription based or not, every AE and PS updates just adds features that nobody asked for, bloats the software, makes things like ‘undo’ of a visibility checkbox change lag for SECONDS (yes, it’s 100x faster to just manually undo doing the opposite action where it makes sense) and just makes it harder to iterate and explore in fast manner… heck, checking the ‘high performance’ options like “OpenGL ACCELERATION” is actually slower and laggier. After Effects has become for me a hub that houses tons of faster, better, user-friendlier plugins.

Will give this a fair try


I still have my old Mac Pro hanging around with After Effects CS6 and a stack of paid-for plugins, although I think I need to sell the machine while it still has value. For a long time AE was my favourite program, but I can’t justify renting it when I only use it occasionally… If someone smart could port the Trapcode suite to Motion, then I wouldn’t miss AE much.

To be honest, for my meagre needs Motion is absolutely fine. And there’s always things like Fusion Studio.