An unexpected find


As I start to move away from Adobe apps (rental, no thanks!) I bought Apple Motion to replace After Effects. – it’s enough for my meagre needs and at £49 is a bargain. But then I discovered MotionVFX’s MO2 plugin which is, basically, Video Copilot’s Element3D for Motion. I only mention this as it works very nicely with Cinema4D (as E3D does)…

“mO2 allows you to import, edit and render .c4d scenes along with its keyframed animations, materials, Primitives and even MoGraph Cloner objects and their Effectors in the form of Instancers and Modifiers! All directly in Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro X at interactive frame rates!”

I’d never heard of this before the weekend, so figured I’d share (with macOS users).


MO2 is good and has much to recommend it. I have used it on projects and it’s surprisingly good. E3D although great has not been updated for years so it seems tired in comparison. Motion too is great although I tend to find not many people use it so when sharing projects they are usually AE+E3D.


Yeah, E3D has withered on the vine for the last few years. MO2 also looks easier to control on the viewport, rather than AE’s awful camera controls and weird coordinate system (but that might be just me).


This could be a neat Mac alternative to U-render, but it looks like u-render’s native support inside C4d will be really hard to beat.

I need to check this out.


I’m sure I read on a Facebook group somewhere that Andrew Kramer is close to releasing a new version of Element 3D and it’s supposed to be very impressive.


His upcoming .vdb rendering for After Effects looks impressive.


Andrew has been strangely quiet for a long time which makes one curious about what he’s up to.


The VDB rendering in Nebula 3D looked great. It’s due for release toward the end of the year, I think, but nothing has been seen of it since NAB. It’s optimised to work with Element3D, but it’s a separate plugin. Hope it still runs in AECS6 :slight_smile:


Darth - thanks for this thread! It’s so great to see a thread that is positive and intended to benefit the community here. MO2 looks cool and I hadn’t heard about it yet. Good for C4D, good for the Mac folks, good news in general.

I’m so tired of the bitching and whining that pollutes most threads here these days, and most of all those who, while they insist they are leaving C4D, continue to spawn new threads for the sole purpose of shitting in the punch bowl in a desperate attempt to poison us all.


Yes a nice thread. In case you didn’t notice this thread is about great alternative software that doesn’t force subscriptions on users.

If you have something you’d like to address with me…I suggest a PM or a dedicated thread. I think Darth and the topic here deserve that much. No need to pollute this thread, I would hope you have the decency to see.


My suspicion is that his wife said “get off that bloody computer and help with these bloody kids”. Happened to me!


Thanks Andyland. I was surprised to find a developer I hadn’t heard of doing great things in Apple Motion. It’s also working on a puppet pin tool (like the one in AE), has a really great lens flare plugin, a raytraced volumetric light rays plugin, and loads of other LUTs and templates. When the new Mac Pro finally arrives I’m going relegate this 12-core as a render slave/backup, and it’ll stay on on Mojave (cos it won’t play nice with Catalina) and I’ll keep After Effects CS6 lurking on there until it dies. But so far Motion seems to do everything I need, with the capacity for being extended with plugins. I’ve already upgraded RSMB Pro and Denoiser which work nicely in Motion. With Affinity Photo, the nMP will be a (90%) Adobe-free zone. I might still use Adobe Acrobat Reader.

MO2’s ability to load and render entire C4D scenes needs further investigation… there’s a bit of video online, but not much.