An Old New Guy


Hi! I just joined the CG Society after lurking in the forums for a bit. I’m new and, at the age of sixty-two, a bit old as well. I’ve spent most of my artistic life on the fine art side, working in pen-and-ink and/or colored pencil. Because few of us can make a living with art alone I was also a machinist for many years. Machining involved CAD/CAM and I found myself trying something more fanciful than missile parts with it (Not recommended when you’re using your employer’s rented time on an old-style mainframe). At the time, CAD was great for hardware modeling and not-so-great for anything else. Decades later, it’s much easier to express yourself with of the shelf, or even free, software so after a few years’ hiatus from 3D modeling I’m back.

This is a great place, both for the artistic and the technical input.


Thats so funny, we must have been posting on the forums at the same time… and look at the titles…

welcome :slight_smile:


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