Amelia Doll-Character Design WIP- Feedback Welcome!


Hello Everyone! This is a Character Design I’m working on for a personal project. I would love to hear some feedback from you on what I could do to further improve the design.

Her Name is Amelia she’s a doll version of Amelia Earhart. She’s Joyful and Courageous but she’s also naive to the world outside her owners home. She believes the World outside her owners home, due to her lucky candy land-like map she carries. ( I know that the map is not on this particular version, Will update when Map design is done.)

If you guys can let me know what you think that would be awesome and some possible feedback I could use to further enhance the design would be wonderful! Thank you!


Is she literally a doll, as in a stuffed toy? If so, that would explain her nose and fingers. I think she looks fine, but maybe use something else for her eyes so it’s not just pale blue flat discs (they look kind of lifeless)? Maybe something that has more similarity to human irises, such as something reflective and has a dark center (made of plastic or glass)?