Amazing paint app Expresii released!


Some user quotes:

“Hands down the BEST Watercolor simulation I’ve ever tried.”

“I have tried the beta and it is a great program and it gives the most realistic ink and watercolor effects I’ve seen so far in any software package.”

“super fun to use!!”


The video speaks louder than words.

Expresii is not an ordinary paint app but one packed with innovations.
A few points to highlight:

  • 3D brush done right. You can really create so much variations by simply wielding the brush like in real life.
  • Physics-based fluid sim. When other commercial paint apps claim to have ‘real’ watercolor, just compare with this one and decide which one feels more natural.
  • Hybrid vector-raster representation solving the low-res problem. Low-res digital painting are unsuitable for printouts or even viewing on a larger screen, but not for this one!

Let us know how you like it.

See the release notes for more information.

Novel Vexel Rendering in Expresii makes pixels zoom like vector

I’ve tried the beta a while ago and it was already amazing!

Congratulations for the final release can’t wait to try it! Very nice way of selling it at an affordable price too!

I wish you the best!


The results look very impressive–pretty much indistinguishable from the real-life counterpart.


WOW. Its so amazing I want to print the results. Are there any printers out there that can get any where close to capturing the details? And on a water-colour paper stock (and not a digital paper stock?)


Thank you guys! It’s possible to print the result on rice paper using a normal inkjet printer, but you need to be careful feeding the thin paper (I’d feed it together with a plastic sheet) to the printer to avoid jamming.

In the US, you can order prints on canvas from say Costco. I hope in the future they would also do rice paper.