AM:Great for non-character animations?


Hi, noob here,

Thinking about buying AM. Been to their site. Definitely great work there. Seems to be all centered around animating human or animal figures.

How good is AM at animating non-character functions, like the water cycle, atmospheric effects like rain, snow, river flowing, volcano, lightning?

And how is it for animating how a body functions, like digestion in the human body? Or blood flow? Or the transportation of a water molecule through the water cycle, then through the human body?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


Eugene Liscio has a site here that has medical illustrations, accident reconstruction and product renderings made using AM.

There are other links that I can’t remember right now.


Does the J stand for John? You just faked your death because Robert Plant was getting on your nerves and you wanted to animate bodily functions?:slight_smile:


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