Alternative to boole for complex cutouts


I am making a 3d render of a sign and I have a pattern that I want to cutout of the top panel.

When I try to use a boole it only cuts out a few random shapes in the pattern. I did a polygon reduction because as I realized I used way too many triangles in making these splines extruded. The boole freezes C4D due to the complexity. Clearly boole is not the right choice in this scenario. What alternatives are there?

Thanks for your help. This is the file: com /file/d/1BpkN8_9KAh18HlEi4_-cYdvb0RUzW4az/view?usp=sharing Sorry about the link this forum isn’t letting me add the file natively.


do you have the pattern as splines?

if so just extrude that


Show us the hierarchy of your boole. Something’s wrong.