Alpyro's ( Remy PAUL ) sketchbook


Yo !

I will try to keep it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Remy happy to see you posting these up man !


Thanks Travis. Sorry I was not very active this month with vacation and other things.

Just made some ink doodles in one shot and I started a new character yesterday so a WIP it is.


How’s it Remy! Hope you had a great vacation and wicked sketchbook. Big plus for a traditional sketchbook as well! I’ve always found your work inspiring. Definitely keep us updated. :slight_smile:


( Woups I though I answer Micheal but it was on draft )

Thanks Micheal. : )

Let’s go on inktober this year.


Loving these loose sketches! The last piece sets a great sci-fi / cyberpunk-ish mood despite how few lines there are actually present!

I’d love to see some more finishes and refined art too!


Thanks Sol. For finished stuff thats on my folio. But for ink I stay on a limited time for now. : )

Day 2


Cool to see you here again Remy, some super cool stuff you are posting. I really like the sketchbook pages you got there


Thanks Jeff. : )

inktober day 3. ^^












All your sketches are dope, but I just love vehicles and spacecrafts!