all in one rendering app


is this possible to make a software having minified headless versions of 3dsmax, Maya and v-ray, if anyone install this app in his pc , can share the resources of the pc . so suppose if we have 100 pc , install same app in all pc , so we have access to the resources of 100 pc, and we can assign a render job to those 100 pc ? which take less time to render a large 3d file. ???


No, it’s not possible.
That said MRay, VRay, Arnold and so on all offer stand-alone clients that can render their own render-only scene files (ass archives for Arnold, mi files for MRay and so on).

A headless client will not take any more or any less time than the already existing batch or archive based solutions do. With the amount of RAM in PC nowadays the overhead of the client is irrelevant.

You are talking about using workstations for rendering, which is what farm on user-less (a box automatically entering the farm pool when there are no active user sessions) already do.

Get a system administrator, a renderfarm manager, and go for that.

Since this is in programming, the answer to the programming part of your question is “no, it’s not possible without the source and a shitton of work, and even if it was the separate batch clients those vendors offer already do what you ask for. The main point of a batch client being of requiring no UI though, not to be of lighter weight”.


ok thats fine:

how about if i start a small Render farm with 20 dual xeon, and selling each 5 cpu per day for 100 bucks ? offering rendering for 3dsmax, maya and vray ?


Renderfarm service is possible. But if you ask if anyone will use your service, I don’t think you’ll get any answer.

First tho you’ll have to ask yourself if you have what it takes to go against your competitors.


they are charging 171$ per day and USD 1,197.73 for 7 days for 5 nodes


How about that in what sense? Would it be possible? Sure, but you also need a job submission and monitoring system in place that will work remotely and all that.

This is a programming forum still, is this going to be about programming at some point or would you like me to move your thread elsewhere?