All Animation Disappeared from Animation Layer


I’ve been working on an animation using the Animation Stewart rig and used an animation layer for a segment where the character crawls along the floor to make him bump up and down as he moves.

However, when I opened the file earlier today I found that all the animation from the base animation layer had completely vanished. The only parts that still had any keyframes were the FK arms, which were also the only parts that weren’t in both anim layers, as they were only in the base anim layer.

Another issue I’ve noticed that is presumably related is I can no longer keyframe any of the controllers that had their animation removed, but I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know what this means.

I’ve looked for solutions in the forums but I can’t find anything that seems to apply for my issue. I don’t know much of anything about scripting either so I haven’t been able to go too in depth on that side of things. The only thing I can think of is to post here and hope someone can guide me