Alissa, Ernest Ow Tar Hoay (3D)


Title: Alissa
Name: Ernest Ow Tar Hoay
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Hello, this is my own created character Alissa :slight_smile: based on a story of my own imagination. hope you will like it and enjoy the story as well!

In the near future, sin of mankind has become even worse. This is a spiritual war between God and the fallen angle- devil. There are a group of people have being manipulated by the devil and their are known as the puppet. The puppet commit serious crime like rape, murder,torture, robbery to satisfy their hunger for sin. It’s very hard to differentiate the puppet from normal human being. Number of mankind decreasing over the past few years, society filled with fear,anxiety and suspicious. Alissa is a very self-reliant high school student, she was attacked by group of puppets one night and rescued by two mysterious man. Later, she being told about the spiritual war and that two man are in fact the guardian of God. It doesn’t take long until she begin to found out that she was chosen as the last guardian, and play a very crucial role in the war.


I think it’s great!


nice work!!!


friggin awesome bro!its been a while since i last visited and got a notification that you posted a new work,and as usual,a surprise :smiley: love the rendering and the attention of details that you have applied,especially the fur and the hair,i like the torn up jeans too:) :thumbsup:


mikeGreenway- thanks alot!

AlexFraga- thanks you!

MichaelZHsee- Thanks miko, i glad you like those detail… honestly this art work bring lots of pressure to myself… haha. I keep revising and revising and revising… and ask for opinion from my close colleague. I just wish to push my limit and hopefully it did improve a little bit from my previous work. overall I learn alot from completing Alissa. thanks again! and keep up your awesome work too!


She is cute and quite realistic! I like her!


thanks yuriki!!


Wow that’s great work, face could be more realistic, but the style is wow.

Clothes are amazing too!


JDMedia- thanks for your comment! :slight_smile:


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