Align view to selected polygon normal?


Is there any way to align view to selected polygon normal? I’m old MODO user and it was quite handy when doing UV:s and looking similar function in C4D.



Closest I can think of would be to use a top view in conjunction with the Align Workplane to Selection function. That will give you a parametric view that’s perpendicular to your selection, but you’ll have to rotate the view manually.


I have a tool for this in my HB ModellingBundle. The price does not justify for just this tool of course. But if you are a former Modo user you might find many usefull Scripts in my Bundle:



It worked well! Thanks for the tip.


Yeah, I’ve been looking it and I might grab it sooner or later! Cheers!


Sorry to zombie post, but I recently had someone ask me the same question in a YouTube comment and I wrote a script in response. Figured it would be good to add it here in case anyone is searching for the same issue.


Definitely useful, thx.