ALIENWARE Challenge Entry: Jesse Barnes


why’s photoshop got a ‘band-aid’ tool, anyway? i mean, it is the band-aid, right?
here we’ve added my own mix-up of blurring, noise, contrast, and saturation in photoshop. this isn’t applied directly to the image, but rather applied to semi-transparent layers on top of the original. adjustment layers really do give you more control than those straight-up filter combos.


its amazing what a couple filters can do to your renders, particularly in this world of HDRI lighting freaks.


Why does Photoshop have a “band aid” tool? Because the “healing tool” (as they call it) is a LOT faster and more flexible than cloning for getting rid of scratches without ending up with a light blur over the whole damned photograph. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, when I came across your thread and saw you were doing a lot of experimenting with filters, I popped one of the jpegs into Combustion to see how the output looked after running it through the Trapcode filters, which are about the best around for combining lighting fx with color adjustment. The “mars” filter seemed to work best, so you might want to play with the levels of red in your image – bumping 'em up just a bit really helps the feel of the scene, IMHO.


Thanks for the suggestion Toxi!
…but I’ve procrastinated and I’ve really got to get some sleep now! :wink:

…as you can see from my attempt @ humor w/ the band-aind comment!


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