Alice learns to paint.


So, Ive worked as an illustrator for 15 years without touching oil colors. That ends now. I’m learning to paint this year.
So far, my workflow is sketching on an ipad pro with an apple pencil. Transferring the sketch to a gessoed board and go at it with winsor and newtons cheaper winton oils. Already learned a ton of stuff, one month in to this, so this will be a fun year :slight_smile:

Link with the progress animation from procreate.


thats an awesome goal I also had a lot of trouble using colour I still prefer black and white hahaha


interested to see this progress…


Oh my, We get some traditional in here! Lucky us! :smiley:
Can`t wait to see the progress!


First landscape finished. Whoever said landscape painting was boring have never painted plein air in iceland :smiley:


I worked on a couple of portraits, decided to try out the old fashioned method of painting a black and white painting and glacing it with thin layers of color. Ive ran in to a couple of bumps on the road so far; a black and white grisaille tend to be very cold and creating green undertones with the kind of fleshtones i want.
Anyhow, here’s the sketches: (speedpaint)


Here is the grisaille:
And this is the color as far as I’ve come: (yes, the cold/warmth of it is all over the place, im learning! :D)

Edit; The guy in the background is painted a wee bit more straight forward, with a 50/50 linseed oil and odorless as medium. When doing washes on the lady (my mom) Ive used 1/3 of turp, 1/3 of linseed oil and 1/3 of of dammar varnish.


And this one is my new subject:
It is an old painting from waaaaay back, drawn originally for some challenge here on cgtalk I think. Will have to think about painting a warm underpainting for this one, to not have the problem with cold/warm skin tones.


I find every medium teaches me something easily that made less sense in another. Oil is intimidating for sure. Thanks for sharing


I agree, been at it since December and Ive felt like Ive taken years of leap forward in my understanding for color. Most frustrating thing is that it is a slow process. Started painting my avatar today, only to realize that the shift in background color would bleed through everything. So now im back to just priming with white :smiley:
But on the positive note, its spring so I can crack a window while painting and use liquin instead of linseed or saffron oil as medium.


Im aaaaalmost finished with the portrait of my mother:
(Almost as in… any month now :smiley: )

Here’s an animation from the progress;
Im trying to find a nice workflow from digital to traditional oil to digital and in to portfolio plattforms. I guess the worst part is getting good quality photos of the non digital parts. However, I am using an ipad pro and procreate so theres nice features for short timelapse videos.


Kinda forgot about the digital world there for the summer :slight_smile:


I’ve been learning how to use the zorn palette as well, the larger one with the glass ball has a green underpainting color added to the background. But the little one is just the 2 zorn colors + black and white.


And apparently, the world is much easier to paint if you can see it. And… it turns out I couldn’t :smiley:
Hello 4-eyes!


Hey alice! your traditional work is so refreshing and captivating to look at especially when we’re constantly surrounded by digital work. Thanks for providing some fresh artistic diversity in these forums. I’ll be sure to follow your progress. Keep it up! :slight_smile: