NP hun, I have finished working through the Brandon Tutorial by the way. Going to attach it for you later.

Well when I say: “should be highlighted in layout.” that’s actually a note for the layouter. It suggests him what parts of your tutorial are the strong ones and should be highlighted. Please keep it in the document.


Ok then
I re-corrected the last things and here it is:

in the zip you can find the doc file and a folder with all the used images
let me know if you need anything



I finally finished the tutorial for the second set of girls
and here it is:
I tried to make a more complete work with it so there shouldn’t be soo much to correct and i hope a little less work for you Anne :slight_smile:
for now there is only the doc document, i’ll send the images when we will be sure of the final version.
i am also working on a new original artwork but i’m not sure if i’ll have time to finish it on time…


Could you please keep the final file for the first set online so that Daniel can grab it, too?
We’ll have it send over for test layout, then. Also, if you could upload a zip folder with the high res files of the artworks of yours which we have selected for your personal gallery in the book, those can go into test layout as well. :slight_smile:

Hm… there are some problems with the link for the final file of the first fashion set so I am putting it into dropbox for Daniel now.


I’ve just re-uploaded a new version of the final draft for the 1fashion set,
i’ve added a couple of screenshots, one for the stitches and one for placing the tartan pattern, now it should be more complete so please download the new one here:
Fashion set 1 tutorial
and don’t worry i’ll leave it there.
as for the high res files i’ll need the weekend to revise and to put them together in a zip file.
I’ll upload it as soon as possible.


Here is the corrections I applied to your Brandon tutorial. :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping the other one online btw. I am eager to see what it looks like once layouted. I will also forward the files for your personal gallery as soon as you have uploaded them. :slight_smile:


I Anne, there’s an error and i can’t download the Brandon file, could you please check it?
i think tomorrow i’ll be able to upload the hi-res artworks

thanks anne


Ah yeah, there is a problem with my internet providor. Currently it’s down and I am on a “emergency line” eith limited functions and speed- I hope that tomorrow everything will be up and running again so that I can make another attempt to upload the tutorial for you.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Alrighty, finally I am back and everything is working accordingly… we’ll see for how long.

Anyways, the file is here now:


Just downloaded the Brandon File
and here’s the link to download all my artworks in hi res.
since some of them are collaborations i’ll need to specify the credits for each , but i guess it will be done at a later stage …

let me know if the download worked because it’s quite a big file


Hi Anne,
Here you can download the Revised Brandon Files with all the relative images.
Brandon Tutorial
let me know if everything worked :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, please keep all these online for the layout to download them. I will ask Daniel if they received all the files OK and give you a go when you can remove them.

Now we only need to look through the second fashion setup, right? :slight_smile:


Right :smiley:
and don’t worry i’ll leave them where they are till you’ll give me notice
thanks again Anne


Hey beb, you will be happy to see that you’re on the submissions page for the book now. :slight_smile:

You just did such a great job with your tutorials and delivered everything so nicely in time that we all think you deserve to be on that banner! :slight_smile: :beer:


Another quick note: As I approved the banner for the submissions page I noticed that the blonde girl is having a pretty “dark” expression.
On the second tutorial, where she is blonde, I would suggest to have her grin a little. Just slightly. Because this changes the overall impression of the character a lot and makes her more appealing.

I will send you back the last tutorial on monday/ tuesday.


Wow!! i just got back from a short holyday and that banner is the perfect gift :smiley:
thanks soo very much i love it !

and don’t worry Anne i’ll try a more happier expression on the first girl in the second tutorial
i’ll change it while going trough it for the corrections after you send it back :smiley:

thanks again :smiley:


Here you go. :slight_smile:

I am also working on our crossover. Had the great idea to buy some foliage to dress puppets with them and make photos that I then use and adjust as textures for your models that I then adjust with Photoshop. I will upload these as I proceed and would be happy if you have one or the other opinion to share.

We can later mark these points in the tutorial as, “Alessia says:…”


i’ve just downloaded the zip, i’m late, sorry but it’s been a crazy week .
and of course i’ll be happy to give you my point of view :smiley:


Hey, I just saw that in the second tutorial, in the opening line you wrote Tutorial For Fashion Set 1 - but isn’t that set 2?

Please correct me if I am wrong. And don’t worry about the rest, you are perfectly on time! :slight_smile:


you’re right i forgot to change it but of course it’s Set 2 i’ll correct that too :smiley: