Alembic Settings?


Hello, I am looking for the export settings for Alembic. I know if I go to export as Alembic they pop up. But I have to export objects that Mograph effected objects. When I right click on the object in the object manager, and selected ‘Bake as Alembic + Delete’ it saves out the Alembic file without coming up with the export settings. Is there a way to access the the export settings before it just exports it so I can set up my settings?



You could try changing the Alembic settings in the import/export preferences and seeing if that makes any difference to the files sizes. I think this may just alter the settings you’re presented with when manually exporting.

The simple no one outside Maxon can tell you because nowhere in the documentation does it say if the export preferences alter the Bake As Alembic function. It’s a classic half baked feature.

I always manually exported Alembics because I knew for certain what type and importantly what substep setting was set.


This helped… Thanks. I went to export as Alembic, set the settings I needed, clicked OK but then canceled the last step to save the file. Now when I “Bake as Alembic” it creates an Alembic file with the settings I need for Clarisse.


Glad it worked for you but the documentation of this feature sux.