Aleksandra Lenart - character art sketchbook


Hello everyone!
I am a 3D artist from Poland, my main interest are characters and clothing. When it comes to characters I like mix of beauty and weird, something not entirely obvious… I prefer to create believable stylised personalities, very often based on some awesome illustrations created by other artists. As for clothing I am all over the place to be honest- I absolutely love historical clothing ( especially from baroque and victorian period) but I like to watch and create assorted type of things, not attaching myself too long just to one subject. I will post lots of my wips and hopefully some of you can give me a critique or some feedback, I would love to hear what are you thinking ! :slight_smile:

The first pics are from a project I started creating as something on a side to keep my eyes fresh during other, longer project I am doing (it prevents me from rushing to much with it). This lady is based on a sketch by great Rob Bliss. I was very anxious if I can capture this sketch correctly and I was convinced that it will be something I will hid on my hard drive but ah well, I am having a bliss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: creating it. It is far out of my comfort zone but still, big pleasure. :slight_smile: Now I am posing and detialng her hands, I am not quite sure if I want to stick perfectly as they are on sketch or give her a little different feel when dong them differently. Maybe you could give me any advice?
Her dress is also under construction and skin obiously will be detialed in Mari later :slight_smile:


While watching todays awesome CG meetup interviews I posed a little this sassy girl :wink:


Hey Aleksandra!

That beauty is looking creepy but in a cool way! Keep it coming!


Thank you Artur, creepy is a big compliment for me! ;D


Started to finally create skin texture on my vamp girl char yesterday and now it looks like this… Now back to Mari to fix few things and apply those maps once more :wink:


Is she of Nosferatu clan? Looking super cool!


The boobs on the first character could use an hint of a little more gravity :slight_smile: the second bust shows clear progression on the characterization, I like the progress so far


Thank you :slight_smile: Yup, she is pureblood vampire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Almost ready with the highpoly, now I’m into low so I will be posting some wips soon :slight_smile:


Here is my “model” from Rob Bliss instagram :slight_smile: They look very artificial and something like silicone in my opinion, without much of gravity. Something like Pam A. boobs :wink: Referring to this do you think they still need it?


Then no, I think they are fine, it’s a weird artistic choice, or so I find it, but not right or wrong as long as it’s deliberate, I think it’s fine :slight_smile:


Slightly more work on face of my Hedy character. Trying to make her bit less stylised than I first intended but still it’s a sturggle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a great thread and im having fun watching your new posts! Keep it up:)


I spend some time messing with her face in plane and now she looks like this. I think I will stay with this pin-up/ 60’s illustration style of face. Next are pores/skin detail.


A little update on her- I finally made those skin details :wink:


alot of that look is in the black and white photos and feels like your nailing it


Thank you very much for those words Travis! My goal is to create this old hollywood style from old photos, this slightly unrealistic faces blended with golden era illustration if it makes any sense :wink:


Some more work on her, still need micro skin details before creating lowpoly :slight_smile:


And some more work on her, now fighting with lowpoly :wink:


New fella, based on Daniel Zrom sketch


She is almost ready :slight_smile: