AKUMA, Duc (Phil) Nguyen (3d)


Title: AKUMA

Name: Duc (Phil) Nguyen

Here is my first entry for 2018.
He is one of my favorite video game character. At first I was playing with a portrait of Liam Neeson I did in Zbrush. Then I decided to push it a little further and make a final character.
I will finish the liam neeson portrait one day.
I made his clothes in Marvelous and his hair with Ornatrix. I used texturing XYZ for his skin details. I projected the skin texture in Mari. The asset texturing was made in Substance Painter and rendering in Maya Vray.
I put a little simple rig on this guy. Made him a cool pose and corrected them in zbrush.

I hope you’ll appreciate it !
Cheers !


Incredible work. The sculpt is amazing for sure, but those textures really bring him to life. Just Superb work!


Thanks ! really appreciate it !


wow superb work, I would like a poster :smiley:


So who is it?