Aikiman_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


December 18th: #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 19th: Neck muscle study
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


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December 20th: Simple poses - Uploading the file has rotated it counter-clockwise - nevermind
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


If you compare your day 8 image with day 19, you can see so much improvement. In just (almost) 22 days you’ve made so much progress. Definitely loving the pelvis in day 18 haha.

Great job!


Glad you like it! :slight_smile: and thanks so much for your feedback. This has been a great exercise for me and for others I hope :slight_smile:


Yes, i also agree! Your line is alot cleaner and light, you’re having better control of your shapes. Loved this last sketchs :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot POSEiDOON :slight_smile:
December 21st: Submitting 2 today since I spent sometime with pencil and paper, hope everyone is keeping up with their daily submits! :slight_smile:
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 22nd: Saved the best to last. Hope everyone enjoyed the process as much as I did, grats to everyone who made it to the end and thanks for those who provided encouragement and feedback :slight_smile:
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Congrats on completing drawcember and on such good studies. I hope they help with your future art.


Thanks heaps, this has been very rewarding.


You really saved the best for last! This last one is great, alot more dynamic. Congratulations man :smiley: been a pleasure to be in this challenge with you and see your improvements.
Going to follow you like a stalker and hope to see more of it in 2018.
Wish you a Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Hey man, thats really nice of you to hear those words especially from somebody with such talent as yours. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas break and safe NY, all the best! :slight_smile:


Very well Jeremy you did it!
Merry Christmas!:applause:


Thank you STFVIT! Merry Christmas to you too :slight_smile: