Aikiman_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


December 9th: Running guy #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Liked this very much!
Seems you´re getting more confortable with the human form to make more dynamic poses


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: yeah foreshortening is quite scary to do, the answer is not try and draw everything and it’s ok to hide it


December 10: random poses #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Looking at your skull studies I can see that you’re getting better at defining that shape. It’s not easy to do but it’s also amazing how quickly you can get better by redrawing it a few times, so keep that up! You’re putting a lot of effort into learning and it shows. Not many beginning artists do that. Keep going! :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps. Unfortunately Im not a beginning artist but it nice to feel like one when doing something so hard lol.
I will keep going too.


December 11th: I think he is dancing


Good progress! I can suggest using Bammes’s anatomy books as reference, it helps with understanding construction. Using head as measurement also helps a great deal, as for my self, I do quick gesture sketch, and then check proportions with a head. Good luck!


Thanks for your advice. I have anatomy books from here to Africa problem is I just need to invest time into drawing from them!
This month will help with that. :slight_smile:


Yes, this kind of challenge are the best to evolve. In the end we can all look at the first sketch and the last and the diference will be big.
I can already see your diferences, better proportion, correct human anatomy, better details, cleaner line, more dynamic poses. Congrats man and all that in 1 week


Thanks POSEIdOON really appreciate your feedback. For me its 2 steps back and one forward as all artists know. Some things I do alright at and other parts of the anatomy and poses I really suck at.
Practice practice practice.


December 12th: Continuation of random poses, I do a lot of sketches while Im at work. At the moment I looking at the shoulder blades bone structure but didnt feel inspired to post any progress in that area of study. #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 13th: Trying some full body foreshortening, better from ground up than I am head down.
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 14th: Spellcaster - Concept
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 15th: More foreshortening, some rib cage skeleton
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


This last ones look really cool Aikiman! You’re playing with perspective, that allways fun… well sometimes frustrating, ehehe


You’re improving a lot. :slight_smile: I like that you’re trying foreshortening - a lot of people don’t like to haha.


Hey thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Yeah it took me a couple of tries to get this one looking right.
I have some catching up to do so I better keep drawing!


December 16th: #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 17th: Leg and arm bones
#drawCember #cgsociety #wacom