Aikiman_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Thanks and goodluck to everyone, most of all enjoy the process! :slight_smile:


This December Im showcasing my progress on human figure/pose sketches. I think Im relatively okay at drawing and have made it my mission to finally get the hang of action poses for fantasy drawings once and for all. So dont expect finished art pieces except perhaps toward the end of the competition Ill start to add in colour. All the best!

BTW Somebody better stop me now if I should be using a Wacom.

Working on proportion for male and female #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Good proportions Aikiman! Wanna see what will come of this :slight_smile:


December 2nd: Learning in progress, starting to think about what Ill be working on for the final piece. #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Thanks muchly POSEIdOON, hope I dont disappoint lol


Its a sketchbook Aikiman!
So its all about disappointment and overcoming it :slight_smile:


December 3rd: Feet study #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Can be tricky from some points of view. To me the most difficult is the front view of the feet


mmm that can be tough, Im finding the outside view of the foot hard, getting the angle and spread of the toes looking right.


December 4th: Foot study Pt 2 #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Nice work! Anatomy is always fun even if it is a bit challenging.


Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


December 5th: Something terribly wrong with the arms and the pose not quite there yet, onwards and upwards! #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


December 6th: Hands day #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Nice hand practice! Also, I love using dot grid paper. Works so well for UI design, but I also like it for note taking and environment layouts too. I’m so glad there are a bunch of websites that let you generate your own, because I almost never see it sold in office supply stores. If you want a tip on your guy’s pose, that sort of thing is sometimes called being “fly swatted”, which mainly comes from a lack of foreshortening. This is also why your leg and foot studies are a lot better and more volumetric - they have good foreshortening and line rhythm.


Thanks alot for your comments, the ‘fly swatted’ decsription is really apt which will prompt me to add more foreshortening now. I dont really have a selection of poses to work from, Im just trying to make them up as I go.


Cool sketchs! For pose reference you have thoses articulated dummy


7th December: Back to basics - Thought Id introduce colour by using bad lighting and no filter #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom


Thanks man! Yeah Im starting to see the benefit of using something like this - takes out a lot of guess work.


December 8th: More skull studies #drawCember #cgsociety #wacom