Agaki’s Sketchbook


Waddup, gonna start up a sketchbook!

Up to Animation with the thing I’m working on right now- here’s a render:

Some wires + the rig:

And some of the WIPS along t

he way:


Welcome Agaki!

That is a wierd mechanical banged up mushroom boy! The little old mans head on the top is quite hypnotic. Did character come from a piece of concept art you made or a story or?
I`d love to know!


Thanks Adrian, it’s from a piece of concept art but I’m taking it into a little 10-15 second story piece :slight_smile:

Been blocking out this guy for another little thing from a concept by Goro Fujita


Almost time for textures!


He would have had a hard time playing without fingers! Will he get a sleek sub surface scattering pass? I like him!!


Ohhh I love the first one , its kinda creepy to be honest XD


First pass on textures, trying out Mari for the first time to see what the deal is!


Getting somewhere!


Cool texture on his skin


Thanks Adrian!

almost time to rig!


All rigged, starting the scene!


great! Love em both. First one feels unique. The second one, is it supposed to move and behave like a frog?


Lots of fun artwork here Agaki! I had a big smile on my face while looking through your character work. I’ll definitely be following your thread here. :slight_smile:


The froggo above is complete, artstation link to the project here

And have been chipping away at this guy for a while now!


Slow progress, now with needlessly large wrench and fancier lighting