After a bit of help - modelling


Hi, I am trying to model a Wrapped Tortilla as per attached image. Have tried numerous ways but cant seem to get it right. Any ideas?!


I think your best bet is sculpting. It’s a very organic shape, and should be quite forgiving (you don’t need to be super accurate for it to be believable). Then UV map it to add the labelling.

You can probably get quite far with a simple box model with the flap underneath, then sculpt in the folds and creases.


If you have an example at hand, you could simply scan it with your phone/DSLR. There are various free and paid photogrammetry software around (like meshroom, metashape, realitycapture, 3DF zephyr…)

Or take a roll of newspaper and make your own (the fine prints will make the scan even better than a white paper.).


I would model the base overall shape and crinkle it with a displacer and a noise shader.


Yep, this. You should be able to hit that look in the photo pretty easily.