Affiliate marketing - practical tips for a beginner?


About to add a blog to my website and start with some affiliate marketing. What’s the most challenging part for a beginner? I guess I’ll join one of the affiliate programs out there, but what do I need to take care of by myself on my end?


On top of the usual things - SEO optimization, getting traffic, creating high-quality content, talking about affiliate marketing specifically - I would say it’s tracking and analyzing. If you want to develop the best strategy, see what works and what needs editing, I recommend you learn how to track affiliate links with Google Analytics. Note that many will tell you it can’t be done. Not true. Basically, you need to push your conversion data into your Google Analytics account, and there’s an automated way to do this. Then you can analyze your funnel with user reports and see every action they take on your website. Also, you can analyze the data on the device category level and see which advertisers don’t convert on mobile phones, for example.


Thanks! Seems I have some figuring out to do, but this helps a lot. I naively assumed I would be able to use Google Analytics by default, but it’s okay, as long as it’s possible - great!