Advise on Matte Painting Workflow


Hi all,
I’m currently working on a 3d animation and I need to create matte paintings for it. This animation has around 15 shots with all kind of different camera angles, luckily its the same environment. Best case I need to have a full 360 degree matte painting.

Since I’m on a tight deadline I don’t have time to do a detailed 360 painting. How would you go about mapping out how to set this up so I don’t have to do a full detailed 360 degree matte painting but just the angles that are seen?

I was thinking on creating a cylinder around the scene, map a numbered grid on it and go trough every shot and note what areas are seen. Does that makes sense? Any better suggestions?

Cheers Leo


Hi leonar3d,

For me it makes a lot of sense, but maybe a big sphere, instead of a cylinder will work better, specially if you see the sky.
best luck on your shots !