Advice - Vray vs UE4


Morning All,

I wanted to get some feedback on how I can get my UE4 renders to become more Vray like. Enclosed are a few example images from each scene.
Pretty straight forward on the setup of of each. Vray using a dome light with a HDRI in it and UE4 using a skylight with a hdri and sunlight.

Any advice would be appreciated it. Thanks


Your GI mix on the Unreal side is a bit low. It’s always going to be a challenge to equalize raster-rendered graphics with modern raytracing, but you’re not too far off. It’s still obvious which is which.


Thanks for the taking the time. Let me ask you what you mean GI mix, is that a setting?



I just mean that the Global Illumination in the Unreal shots isn’t very strong. That may or may not be something you can tweak inside Unreal 4.x, I haven’t used it in awhile.


I will look into that…maybe I just have to fake till I make it…