Advice on Perspective Adjustment for a Specific Case


I am working on a project which is to be displayed on a wide screen of size 7680x1080 on two sides of a corridor. The project is about water consumption. The display will contain a continuous terrain; and it will be divided into four equal areas. One area will have a desert with dry soil, the next area will have grass, third will have trees and the fourth will have a lake.
I’m trying to give the effect to the viewer in the corridor, like he is moving through this terrain with a lake on his side first, then the forest and then the grass and finally desert.

I plan to use Lumion for this. Regardless of he 3d application, what will be you advices to get a good perspective, seamless stitches of each field type.
If I use a single camera at this resolution, due to the perspective laws, each field will have uneven areas, not even rectangular.
Any thoughts will e appreciated.