Advice on how to make an image look like a projection on a wall



Im trying to make a 3D visualisation of a room with projections on the walls.

I have placed a still image texture on the colour channel to represent the artwork that would be displayed.

I cant seem to get the image textures to glow

Ive tried putting the image texture also on the luminance channel to give it a glowing effect. Ive also tried using a backlight effect on the luminance channel and putting a light behind the wall.

These dont seem to be working very well for me.

This is some examples of what Im trying to achieve:

  • Add a Spot Light and change the light type to Square Spot and point the Square Spot light at the wall geometry.
  • Add the image you want projected into the Texture slot of the Transparency channel for the material.
  • Add the material to the Square Spot light.
  • Change the Projection to Flat for the material.
  • Repeat for each image as required.


If you need a reall projector you can use my old little xpresso script.