Adrian Birkeland - Concept Art Sketchbook


Blows the dust off the keyboard
Hey guys. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I published something here.
I’m sorry for the lack of updates but the reason I’ve been keeping still is that I already had enough feedback from you and others that I knew what I needed to work on. Because of this, I chose to wait until I felt I had made significant progress until I posted again. Some more coming after this but lets get started with a bit of heist action


Awesome! Keep at it dude!


Thanks, man, There’s no alternative.
Feel bad about not posting here for ages. A couple of relaxed story thumbnails I was trying out.
A second round of correcting the thumbnails definitely needed before I can take any to a finish :smiley:


Bit of character design.


I’m bad at updating here

I’ll make it up to you by including some WIPs not on my artstation.

Initial Blender light setup. The gradient on the slope comes from the paintstorm studio file.

These textures come from

Since we can’t go there ourselves she’s our avatar.

She needed a bit of gear


It’s been a minute friends, I’m back with some stuff. If only to share for posterity.
I hope you’re all doing well. (I had a poke around the webpage, it ain’t going so good is it…)