Adrian Birkeland - Concept Art Sketchbook


Hello everyone

Thanks for checking out my Sketchbook thread. Ill be posting my WIPs and sketches actively. C&C is very welcome and appreciated! If you have a sketchbook thread Ill come check out your art too!


Cool I really like the desing on the shield I look forward to see more


I like your nature colorpalette. Pleasing to the eyes


Thanks you two! Glad you like it!
The pallet is nailed down but the shield emblem will have to be changed to something a touch more vikingìsh.
I might do that today actually… Sounds like fun!


Update on the shields,
Inbetween my other work today I researched viking shields and made som initial ideas
Id like to look at adding some weathering, some layering of materials and embossing stuff. Very much like the reference on the far right. Also the raven with the black and red has caught my eye. Id also like to try and integrate some of this circeling viking patterns.

Do you have a favorite shield? Let me know! :smiley:


Heres the character design Im working on.
Redid the pose based on some feedback I`ve got. C&C welcome!


Very nice Adrian. Looking forward to see your progress.


Thanks decosouza! Will be posting progress here!!
I`ve been trying to improve at faces so here is a study. More to come! :slight_smile:


Nailed that portrait mate!


Thanks Oscar! I learned a lot from it! :smiley:
Heres another WIP. Im looking suggestions on what to do with the treasure and the helmet. Im not certain they are a cool enough thing to be found so any idea at all would be great! If you guys want me to provide breakdowns for my works let me know. More than happy to share. Ive started light with a comp sketch and a exploration concept that got revised to tell a better story.

Rough composition sketch

This rough piece is the first layout I did for the cave but I felt like the cinematics wasn`t there so I went back to pen and paper and worked out the primary shapes for what became the composition you see above this.


Made this one for fun. Trying some ideas. Will go back to the Viking theme now.


Hey this is looking great so far! Are you using matte painting/photobashing techniques for the character also? It’s working well!


Hey there nylelevi, Thank you so much for checking out my thread ! :slight_smile:
I do indeed use Photobashing on just about anything where I feel like it can help me represent the materials better.
Not on the close up portrait study tho. That would defeat the point of practicing.

Glad to hear that it`s working!
I could do a breakdown of the process at some point :slight_smile:


This was a Rough I discarded and I moved on to a new composition. Will post that later.


Trying to improve at planning my scenes in the black and white stage.


Hey Adrian! A lot of cool ideas! Looking forward for more to come!


Very striking scenery Adrian, loving the depth of the terrain and a sexy riverbank there :slight_smile:


Whoa dude!!! This ones sick!


Thanks Myrkul and Alksndr Happy to hear you like it!
Cheers Arturvp! Way into the idea phase!