Adobe screw everything?


I bought a lot of kyle and frenden brushes. The best of the best for paint and illustration. But then now Cintiq strokes are bad. Every two or three strokes adobe lost the pressure and appear and horrible thick line. I have unplugged the cintiq 12wx secondly have uninstalled wacom drivers. I have installed wacom cintiq driver vers. 6.3.11-4a as suggested and plugged again the tablet, and the problem persist. Is only with Photoshop. MangaStudio 5ex doesnt suffer from this. Only photoshop.

I have searched thru dozens of photoshop and wacom forums and is happening to many people around the world but not only thru Cintiq12wx but even the new ones and the companion models.

This is not a problem related to wacom drivers but related to photoshop. It only happens in photoshop.

My machine spec is: PC with phantom cpu, 120 gb ssd hd, 32 gb of ram. Nvidia GTX 560Ti with the driver vers. 353.30. It happens with Photoshop CC and Photoshop cc2015.

I hope this be fixed soon. :cry: :cry:


Yes it happens with other Wacoms too. I have the 22HD and have the same issues. Adobe are aware of it and I would say they will address it soon as they can.