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Sorry mods - I can’t find adobe illustrator

Is there a way that I can trace a semicircle in illustrator, and it knows what I’m attempting to do and it predicts/presumes and makes the perfect semicircle according to my stroke - as apposed to sticking to the literal movement/stroke?



You mean like an intelligent french curve? Not really.

Best bet is to use the pen tool, put your bezier curves where you want it, and (because it sounds like you are trying to freehand draw something in Illustrator) either apply a brush stroke style to it or use the new-ish stroke thickness tool to give it that calligraphic look. Or just use it as a guide and carefully freehand draw on top of it.

Rule of thumb for making a perfectly round curve using bezier curves is to place the handles at the 1/3 and 2/3 positions between each point.


So there is no short cut - I’m surprised they’ve not developed that as of yet.


Not that I know of. This is not a realm I’ve delved into much, but Illustrator has a lot of 3rd party plugins that seem to extend what Illustrator can do as far as it being a drawing program. There might be a plugin for what you are looking for. (Expect to pay for Illustrator plugins though.)

In general though, despite the name, Illustrator is not really an illustration program. If you are looking for curve guides, something like Sketchbook Pro might be more up your alley.


I think that depends heavily Illustrator 3rd party
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I like the vectors/mathematics of illustrator.

What I want to achieve is simple - select semi-circle/straight line ect… Draw the rough shape (dimensions) and it intuitively creates the perfect semi-circle. Same with the line - draw the dash between two points (where I begin and end) and it turns that rough shape into an entirely straight line.