Adjustment layers Adobe Photoshop CS5


Hi, I know how to clip the adjustment layer to the folder in Photoshop CS6 but it doesn’t work for CS5.
Anybody knows how to resolve the problem?
I can’t do this the same way like on the video tutorial


Create the adjustment layer above the layer you want to clip it to, then hold the ALT (or Option on a Mac) key while you have the adjustment layer selected, and click on the line between the two layers in the layer palette. That will clip the adjustment to it.


Hi, thanks for reply but as I wrote previously, I know how it works for CS6 version but unfortunately it doesn’t work for CS5 in the same way (nothing happened when I use ALT when the mouse coursor is between folder and adjustment layer).
I’ll ask differently, is there an alternative way to add adjustment layer to group of layers in Photoshop CS5 to get the similar effect?


The process I described works in CS5. It’s what I use at home and it works for me.


You’re partially right.
Partially because this technique works for layers. It doesn’t work for folders (layer groups).
I’m looking for alternative way for Photoshop CS5 to get the same effect (clip one adjustment layer to group of layers).
I hope you understand me now more clearly :slight_smile:


Ooooh, my apologies, I didn’t realise you were trying to clip to a layer group. Sorry about that! The only way I know of to accomplish that in CS5 is to create the adjustment and put it into the group, and then set the group’s blending mode to Normal, as opposed to Pass Through, which is the default. The adjustment will then only affect the contents of the group.


Great video tutorial.

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