Adam's Self Taught Sketchbook


Hi guy, new member here, I will mainly be using this to document my journey I really hope to meet some friends here, let’s keep this forum alive! I will also use this as a journal.


Working on Proko’s pelvis lesson mostly from the 3D model and last three without Ref, I posted this onto the Proko’s anatomy facebook group but could get any advice/critique which was frustrating, Also started working on Schoolism Essentials of realism assignment 1. Struggling with the third picture for this assignment. Gonna continue tomorrow! Lastly tried to do a portrait in 1 hr, and I quit 45mins in because it is horrible! Hopefully, I will improve. Thinking of redoing the portrait again tomorrow. I was gonna post all the photos of these assignments but I just joined Cgsociety today and it says new members can only post 1 photo. So I update this again tommorrow!