absolutismus video game


hi all,

a other solo project of mine, its called absolutismus. a strategy game, where you have to save the world, or to destroy it as much as you can. or to stay at gray.

of course just the dry part of pure strategy would be boring. so i decided, to build some challenges into. example if you want to play war, you can do this in a sandbox. or diggin´ for fossils, building your towns or just being creative with the possibilities of a sandbox.

there are serval challenges, the sandbox is just one of them. (with tousands of agents, tousands of bullets, tousands of shards, tousands and tousands of sandcorns, mud pieces, stones, water, oil, magma. and so on…)

and why i am doing this? i do love video games. i´m playing games since all my days. but as older i do get, as more the spectrum shrinks which game i do wabt ti play. so i decided to make the best game ever.

also i do hope it makes my lsd condensator famous. and if one day, the lsd condensator (is going to have lots of names) is there where i want it to be, peoples should play if they want to play while they work, a good game.

here you can follow, how it comes along.



Really cool how much info you pack in 6 minutes. So many other “list” channels drag that out to 15+ minutes and deliver half of the content Looper does. Great job!


everything take its time. there is no need to hurry.

there also one hour videos. :slight_smile:


this is how i do shadows :slight_smile:

im introducing my, god effects shadows © dirk - rudolf hochegger putz