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Hello everyone, My name is Sam. New to this site. looking to learn and hopefully wind up working with some of you.


Hello, my name is Denise, I am new to animation and CGI, and I cannot wait to get started and start sharing my progress here!!


Hey! My name is Freya Henry and I am a SEO Expert.


Hi! Im Ol, a 3d game artist, currently working as a freelancer at upwork and other platforms. I am in search of a great team to fit in my skills to help create awesome projects ranging from games to advertising. Nice to meet you all and have a great week!


Hello, everyone.
I’m Miguel Pereira, FX artist.


Hello, everyone.
My name is Giorgio D’Aulerio, I’m a 3d enthusiast and I followed this site for a long time.
I hope to post some works soon




Hi, I am Amara Johnson, and working as a Business Developer in PapaChina. We supply great quality promotional products all over the world.


Hello everyone I am a New student studying animation and design out of LA Film school. I have played around some here and there with my art skills and everything is moving so fast in this industry I dont want to be left clueless on how to do these things since it has always been my dream ever since i was a kid to work on cartoons and video games. I am on instagram if anyone would like to connect with me there it is


Hi everyone this is Mulambo, I’m a graphic designer and varied artist from Italy, not kinda top quality artist but still kinda proud of my work even if it’s honestly a thousand miles of distance from the stuff I’ve seen all around here.
I could post my social links, but it says 403 forbidden so I don’t know what to do, guess just inviting to see the links from my profile…

Well nuff said!


Hi Everyone,

This is Crystal from Heroom CG, an architectural visualization studio in China.
Hope you will like our works.



Hello Friends, I’m New In This Community So Please Guide Me