Aaron Bergquist's Visteon Challenge Entry - WIP


  Hello Everyone,
                 I’m Aaron Bergquist. Welcome to my Entry for the 2014 Visteon: Driving Innovation Challenge.
                 The In-Vehicle User Experience is an almost unheard of concept in the general public, but we challengers are here to change all that. What will the new era of technology bring to our trucks and cars? How will this shape our time we spend in the vehicle? How can we push this time to the fullest, and get the most enjoyment and efficiency out of our vehicle’s purpose? The Future could hold a lot more between the undisclosed A and B.
                 The following WIP Thread will illustrate how these questions could be answered, and will present several design challenges, like Men VS Women, Controls at your Fingertips VS Leg-Room, and Safety for the Future.
    Thank you for following my work, and Enjoy the updates!
  - Bergquist


The foundation of every good project is research & reference material.
So here we begin, asking ourselves, “What’s out there?”.

  I’ve started my research into the adventurous world of car interiors with one thing in mind, “What’s popular so far? and Why?”.

  I’ve decided to break this question into three groups of buyers:
  The Populous, Men, and Women.

  First, What are the overall best selling vehicles on the market right now?
  Second, What are the best selling vehicles among Men?
  & Third, What are the best selling vehicles among Women?

  What do the dashboards and driver cockpits look like in all of these vehicles, and how do they compare among the different groups of buyers? & What does each group like?

  After gathering this basic info on the universe of trucks and cars, it’s off to planning my own design as I try to accommodate and entertain the masses.

  Stay Tuned for my next Post, Men VS Women!
 - Bergquist


                        Hello CGS World! Let the Battle of the Sexes Begin!
    So, what do the sexes look for in their driver’s seat experience?
      Is it different for Men and Women?
      To Answer this, let’s look at the Top 5 selling vehicles for Men and Women, and see how this might be attributed to their dashboard and cockpit designs.
                        87.5% - GMC Sierra - Truck
    87.0% - Ford F-Series - Truck      [right]
    86.9% - Chevrolet Corvette - Sports Car
      86.4% - Chevrolet Silverado - Truck
    85.1% - BMW M3 - Sports Car      [right]
      All 5 of these cases have some clear similarities that can start to give us an idea of what Men like to see when they sit down in the driver’s seat.
      The first thing I see that all of the dashboard designs have in common among the Men’s top choices is the numerous dials and the large amount of technical information being presented to the driver.
      The second design choice I see in most of these cases is a large amount of knee and leg room to accommodate a larger person. But, this has also moved the common controls farther away from the driver and made the experience less cozy.
      Its important to note that these trucks and sports cars were bought by very few women, so we could also say that all the dials and technical info that Men enjoy are not so liked by Women.
      So what designs do Women like? In the next post let's look at the top selling vehicles on the women’s side, and think about what they prefer in their driver’s seat experience.
   - Bergquist


                  61.7% - VW Tiguan - SUV


57.9% - VW Beetle - Car

55.7% - Hyundai Tuscon - SUV

53.5% - Kia Sportage - SUV

54.4% - Honda CRV - SUV

The first thing shining out at me is that there is nothing at all shining out at me.

The top Women’s choices are much more balanced than the Men’s list in several ways including the fact that they are almost bought equally by Men and Women. The vehicle’s technical data being presented to the driver is also very minimal, including only the most pertinent information.

The last thing I notice about the Women’s top choices, is that even though they are buying a version that is more compact and cozy, more Women are buying larger vehicles with more leg room and upright seats.

There seem to be two main mindsets about the in-vehicle user experience. People who like to know all the greasy details about how their truck or car is running at that precise moment, and those who want a calm and uncluttered presentation while they drive.

If my vehicle’s interior design is to be liked by everyone is has to be able to change easily and fast for whoever sits down in the driver’s seat.

This means my design will need to utilize video screens with different GUI layouts for the same set information we normally see, like the speedometer and fuel gages.

I also feel confident making my cockpit less compact, with the thought of comfort at the forefront of my design. But, I have to keep this balanced, and make sure to give the driver close and easy access to all common controls, including air conditioning, radio, and other special features.

Thank you for following my work Everyone!

Next I’ll be working on my first draft designs! Stay Tuned!

  • Bergquist

Los Angeles Times Staff Writers. “Best Selling Cars for Women.”
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Maynard, Micheline. “The Top 10 Most Popular Car Brands with Men and Women.”
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Hey Bergquist,

This thought process posting is awesome! Research is so key to understanding how to create the perfect cockpit/UX for the driver.

You should also look into recent CES show cars and features that were announced recently. Some of them have a few ingenious features that could help your design.

Excited to see the concept that stems from this!

Best Regards,



Hey Andrew,
Thank you so much for your kind words!
And thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely check that out :smiley:

The first concept sketch is almost finished,
Should have it posted soon!

- Bergquist


Ello CGS World!
Here is the first concept sketch for my vehicle’s interior design.


  • Driver controls and display screens angled around the driver, and within a comfortable distance.

  • Optimal Leg & Knee Room with no center console divider below dashboard.

    There are still several things to pull together, including things like drink holders, air vents, the passenger’s side common controls, and finishing adjoining surface details… but I’m liking it so far. What do you guys think?

    Thank you everyone for following my work! More Updates to Come!

    • Bergquist


Nice start Bergquist,

I like the flow shapes.Waiting for your next progress.
All the best



Nice analysis, very informative :slight_smile:

Good luck for the competition. :slight_smile: