A stylized flickering effect on polygon reduction?


Hi guys!

I am trying to create this effect of flickering lights on individual lines/ faces of an animated polygon shape like this. How can I achieve this effect? Is it with material or

Like this one.

Thanks !


The effect is done in post and not in the 3d app. Here’s one way of doing it, but you can do it without scripts/plugins, i’ll provide a couple of links.


Connect Layers


You can best achieve this “line/plexus” effect with X Particles and a xpTrail object, or with a bit less control achieve something very similar with a simple mograph tracer object.

With a polygon selection on an animated mesh either displaced of thrown in a polygon reduction generator you can get the flickering poly effect.


Thanks for the reply. But I am doing it in 3D because I need more control .

So I got my textures on the selected polygon faces, as the deformation/ reaction is going on. But how do I individually make the textures flicker in a random way…affect their opacity/ luminosity?


Here is my scene file if you want to take a look.



Add the variation shader and enable polygon mode