a small gift for you guys (brush textures)


I’m frequently asked about how I get certain textural effects in my paintings.

Well, here are some of my custom brush/paper textures. I use Corel Photopaint, but any app that lets you load a grayscale image as a paper or brush texture should be able to make use of them. Most are based on reference photos taken by myself and made (more or less) seamless, others are painted by hand. They are in GIF and TGA format, and come to about 2mb zipped. Click the preview image below to get the file:

Maybe somebody will find these useful.

If you have an questions or comments, fire away.


A superb brush set from an incredible artist. Thanks balistic! These will go into my daily sketch group set! :smiley:


Yes, me!
Thanks a lot !!


Hey man,

I’ve just started to try and learn colorpainting with corel painter, never did any colors before except in 3d. Even if I don’t have the faintest clue what I’d be using them for, I at least am now aware of another great feature of painter. Thanks a bunch.




balistic, thanks a ton. Wish I had these when i started painting. :slight_smile:
jmBoekestein, just go take a look at some of the later works in the speedpaint thread , more than enough examples of how the masters use these.


i think this thread should be a sticky because many of us newer artists r dying for brushes and something like this could really help out someone new to the forums(in other words…lets not let this get buried)

or you could make a new thread titled (upload brush sets) or something along those lines

its just an idea…

ps:ballistic i love these…GREAT brushes


Many thanks balistic.



That’s great ballistic! I’ll give them a try!

Thnx! :bowdown:


Thanx MAN!
Cool brushes!
The 4th one is the best :wink:


These seems greate! Ill try them, thanks!


hello ive been looking for this for some time… its just that i dont understand how to load texture files as brushes… or how am i supposed to use them ? :slight_smile: (in photoshop 7.0)

can someone please explain how im supposed to use these brushes/textures


sup balistic


Thanx balistic! Finally I will be able to produce such fine images as you do! Mwuhaha! :wink:


Glad you guys are finding these things useful (or at least interesting). One of the reasons I got into Photopaint rather than Photoshop early on was that it had paper texture support long before Adobe added it to PS. However, from PS7 onward, the Adobe brush engine has been almost as capable as Photopaint’s (and in a few ways stronger).

Can somebody help that guy get the textures into PS7? I’m afraid I don’t have enough experience in it to tell him how to do it.

omg goonmeat


Load up the images on PS, and go to Edit>Define Brush. Name it the way you want and voila! it has been added to your brushes.

Thanks for the brushes


Sir Patroclo


This way you only get enormous brushes don’t you? I use them as textures for brush presets… Isn’t this the way they’re supposed to be used?


Thank you! I’ll have to try them out on my next DSG thinger.


Yes, these aren’t meant to be brush nibs, but paper textures to control the deposition of “paint”.


thanks :slight_smile:


So how would one go about using/implementing them in that case? Because I’m not really a PS expert, but would love to use these brushes. Already noticed Sir Patroclo’s way didn’t work as you get huge brushes indeed. :\