A question about '%quote' function


Does anyone know what ‘%quote’ function does in maxscript?
‘%quote’ (print “Hello!”) --> returns: <CodeBlock:anonymous>


it makes ‘global thunk value’

a  = 1

'%quote' a
----- same as

Just wondering how did you find out about this? and why do you need it?


Just accidentally came across it playing with ‘apropos’

Still wondering what ‘%quote’ <expression> means?

'%quote' (print "Hello!")
-- is definitely not the same as
&(print "Hello!")

If it’s a global thunk then can it be evaluated later?


Those who enjoy investigating all sorts of hacking tricks usually do it alone. :wink:
For common MXS, the built-in methods are enough.

In a nutshell… This and some other methods are used internally to make code easier to parse and are not meant to be used by the average user.