A question about maya namespace


I have some questions about maya namespace.
When i open a maya file,it may cost me about 1 minute,but when i try to import it or refrence this file ,it may cost me more than 10 minute.
When i import or refrence this file without using namespace.It is faster than using namespace.but still slow than open this file.
In case the wrong animation result, is there have some way to use namespace but not wait so long to import or refrence the file?
By the way, the version of maya is 2014. and the size of file around 10M.


maya is loaded with legacy code from the 1990’s, you can always expect buggy things like this. You could try to clean up the file as much as possible, try .ma instead of .mb or vice versa, or just wait and get it over with.


You can goto Menu: Windows> General Editor> Namespace Editor where you will find the nameSpace used in the scene. Select the objects you need to have the desired namespace and click “Add Selected”.
Hope it works !
Download : Vehicle Auto Rig