A pose reference?


I can find body references but theyre always in contorted views or straight T poses. Is there any relaxed A pose references out there? Female or Male whichever. I cant even find any in pinterest.


Something like this? It’s not human but you get the idea…


Exactly! I cant find any human A relaxed poses with just front and back. I always find front and an angle or “artistic” reference.

For a relaxed human though, wouldnt the feet be flat on the ground just slightly bent since the legs are open?


If the legs on that first image were rotated back to the neutral position, the feet would indeed be flat. The perspective and FOV are changing the orientation in the screenshots. For rigging purposes, sometimes you want the feet to be following the angle of the leg and not have it rotated.

Search for character sheet and you might find something of interest, like so:


THANK YOU!! I had no idea about the term character sheet. Searching that helped alot. much thanks!


What you seek are character sheet but to be honest it is best you draw your own.

  1. character size come in all forms from 3 heads to 8, or 9 heads and ever more organic choices.
  2. There will often be something missing or something in the way of the character sheet at hand, a cape or missing a detail somewhere.

I seriously recommend to draw a character sheet for male and female. I suppose you seek something to fit them all for now so basic shape is what you would want I assume in a 7 head reference.

Draw 1 head, add 6 more head shape then check some reference online to see where shapes meet and end for neck, torso, hips, legs etc… Simple shapes will help you keep everything rough and openminded.


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the reason 3d models are are in tpose. is for skinning with everything extended and apart. skinning is easier