A:M section of CGTalk shutting down.


This little corner of the Internet will be shutting down. CGTalk will obviously still be here but the Hash Animation:Master section will be closing its doors.

Trying to promote CGTalk amongst the Animation Master community has proven to be rather futile without the support of Hash Inc. Martin Hash himself would rather we went away and. . . to be honest I’m just too tired of trying to convince him, and his inner group that we aren’t all out to “get him/them”.

On a personal note. . . I love Animation Master and have a fondness for CGTalk. I did my best to try and find a way to help the two groups work together but have been stunned by hostile, ignorant attitudes and lack of support. Instead of seeing this area as a showcase to the rest of the CG community. . . they stick to themselves. . . and take delight in its demise. I just don’t get it. Never will.

Thanks for the fun times. . .


What are the specific reasons for this closure? Too little traffic or pressure from another quarter.
I too love A:M, but always thought it healthy to have another forum not under the supervision of Hash. Plus, any good work posted here would help promote the program to a larger audience, as well as encourage Hashers out of their small pond.

Tis a shame :sad:


Ah, crap. I hate to read this, but I’m not terribly surprised either.

Thanks for all the hard work, Wegg.


I’m sorry to hear this. Thanks for the effort, Wegg.


That you decided to frame this announcement solely in terms of “it’s Martin’s fault” when there are many other reasons the forum might not be a success reather reveals why they might be doubtful about putting any resources into promoting it.

If you’re tired perhaps you could pass the moderation task to someone who is more likely to gain their confidence.


Thanks. Great help. Never thought of that. David was of course under my control this whole time and isn’t an avid loyal A:M user who didn’t write the book on Animation Master. . . Nope.


As this forum here allows free speech its clear that Martin doesn`t like it, because every critic, that canot be posted at the Hashforum is for sure landing here.
But maybe , if you continue a little longer , may be the Hashpeople will get selfconfident enough ( with their product AM improving and taking a very good develpoment lately ) that they feel strong enough one day to live with this forum-section and its possible critic.

I think its a great pity to loose this forum-section, though I have to admit I personally took more advantage out of the Hashforum, so I second the suggestion to ask somebody else to continue this.

Anyway thank you very much for your work.

;>) Jake


Actually, that IS the sole reason why this forum is closing, and I am sure that Martin Hash himself would be more than happy to agree with this. Wegg has tried very hard to get this forum running, and it is not his fault that it has ended up this way.


Can we get a straight answer, have the CgTalk powers told you this forum is no longer viable because not enough people use it? Or have you taken this decision upon yourself because Hash won’t give the forum their official sanction and therefore the resources needed to make it more popular?

Oh, I have my answer from Leigh above. I can think of quieter places elsewhere on this forum though.


I don’t quite understand how anyone who has been involved with animation master for any length of time would doubt Wegg’s account. You know what Martin is like and how iron handed that he and the Hash guys can be on the official list.

Saying that it is great to see the focus they have now on the official Hash list. The big TWO project looks better and better everyday and it seems like the big shakeup a few years back that caused this section of CGTalk to form in the first place has paid off in the end. Martin is much more involved and vocal and the energy on the forum is very high. Though animation master users do still seem a bit more “culty” then most other software… I say that as a former member of the cult. :smiley:

Shame to see this end but it was great of you to take it on Wegg and David. Hopefully this means you will be even more vocal over in the messiah section Billy! :slight_smile:


Hmm, interesting to see that Hash customer support has not changed much. My #1 reason for being an ex-AM user (since 5 years)

Anyway I went the route of Cararra Studio 3 - great community over at yahoo groups by the way. As well as on www.3dxtract.com Friendly. Communicative users and even company officials.

Then jumped on the XSI Foundation price reduction last year. I think maybe it’s time for Hash to delete the sentence saying that AM “rivals high-end software costing thousands more”. Hundreds - yes. But not thousands anymore :cool:

And even “rivals” is questionable - but of course a matter of preferences also.



Wow, can’t believe they (Hash) know there’s such place (CGTalk).

I thought they never surf the web much. Because of the way how ‘COOL’ their website looks hehehehe. Seriously Martin, at least get a better templated website.

But I’m here to thank everyone who did their best to support this forum. I’ll miss the thread wars / flames and all. It was fun :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll see ya all around.

Hats off to you Wegg.


What a shame Wegg. As a admin of Swiftdev.com (where anything goes) it did take me a little while to understand the Hash forum and its censorship… but I have recently only got into A:M so don’t know the full reasoning behind it…

Wouldn’t the support of Hash users on this forum keep it going rather than the need from Hash themselves. Swiftdev has grown to 6800+ members in just over 2 years… we had a strong user community first and then Erain’s support has followed.


This little forum was the reason I signed up for CGTALK…sad to see it go away. I specifically enjoyed the discussions on how to get AM to play with other software…not something encouraged on the HASH forum… :frowning:

Ah well…WEGG…thanks for all the fish :slight_smile:


Yep me too allthough I only had it a year and a half then I swapped to a high end program although AM does have it’s good points I just got tired of closed mindness of the way they operate. I am still currently using it for the odd bit of freelance work but once I’ve finished my training course and can afford to buy the commercial version of the other program it will be left behind for good. I’m afraid I now know why high end software costs thousands more (ie every other piece of software on my computer from Pro Tools LE to Photoshop runs fine so it’s not my computer !!!).

It’s a pity this forum is closing down and I thank the mods for time they put into it if only Hash could see that.


Well, that’s gonna make me a forums orphan, since I don’t plan on opting in to the way things are done in the official forums.

This forum is what motivated me to upgrade from 8 to 10, without the feedback from folks who are able to give straight answers regarding the app’s current performance, I don’t think I’ll be upgrading again.

Maybe I should start my own AM forum.

Naah, to much of a headache :slight_smile:


Damn… that is depressing… it was so nice to have this section and it was a great way to make A:M more known… dont know why Hash doesnt like that…



What exactly will happen when the “doors close”? Obviously there will be no new posting, but will the existing posts be removed, or will they still be browseable/searchable? There’s some good info here, it’d be a shame to lose it entirely.

I’ve often thought about buying the version upgrade for my copy. (I apparently bought at the wrong time for stability … AM2002) Without access to unfiltered reports (unlike the official forum’s cheerleading) I doubt I will.


Wegg said,
“Trying to promote CGTalk amongst the Animation Master community has proven to be rather futile without the support of Hash Inc…”
Leigh said,
“…that IS the sole reason why this forum is closing…”

I’m curious as to what sort of “support” is expected; web space, advertising? Whatever it is, why is it essential?


Correct me if I’m wrong (I probably am), but my impression is that the problem isn’t so much “lack of support”, but more of a problem of active opposition to this forum by the Hash powers that be.

Despite the fact that I had severe problems using A:M, and have long since “moved on”, it IS sad to see an alternative resource such as this one getting the indirect effect of “official” short-sighted insular thinking.

For those who still use and love A:M, I feel for ya’.

Wegg and David, rock on…