A:M good at exporting now ?


I have a high patch count head model that I might consider building a body for.

Before I do so, I would like to know that I can export it to a polygon program without losing any of my details. I would also like to not have to modify the mesh once it is in a polygon program.

I could just build it in a poly program … but I have never used polygons before.

I plan to buy ZBrush and possibly XSI.

I get the feeling that A:M is like a Macintosh. It has a problem with ‘sharing’.

( Is there anyone else I haven’t just insulted ? ):smiley:


so far the best luck I have had is with exporting as an .obj . Five point patches will be tesselated and be separate from the rest of the mesh with the current exporter.

Which program are you goig to export it to?


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