A livesync plugin for Blender realtime rendering and quick access to D5 asset library


As D5 Render is a realtime rendering software, we can use the free plugin D5 Converter-Blender to sync models, materials, cameras, lights or views from Blender to D5, and take a quick look at how the project will finally look at, which is quite efficient.

Once we have the scene ready in D5, start grabbing assets from D5 Asset Library that includes 8000+ animated people, plants, particles, cars and decals. As D5 is also compatible with Quixel, so we have over 10,000 assets near at hand.

Other handy features in D5 like one-click round corner, PBR texture import, AO&Outline mode styles of rendering. Working with Blender for photorealistic animation has never been easier.

Now they have a D5 Render X Blender Challenge where we can participate to win Intel processors of over $3880.

Here is a showcase made with Blender-Quixel-D5 Render: