A_Frantsek #DrawDecember Sketchbook thread


Awesome! You make it look so simple, hehe.
Seems like more and more hosts don’t allow 3dr party linking anymore. I wish I could help you with the gif issue.
Lammakian - I can only see a little black square. What you did douse the seem to work :frowning: (at least not on my phone).


@LadyMedusa : Aaaaah, you’re right. It worked here a few minutes ago, but it doesn’t now… I’ll take a look, it’s kinda frustrating :wip:


hokutonakatany great work with this piece. Loved it, great colors!

…and Lammakian, you rock :slight_smile: there’s nothing you can’t do


Nice drawings! I love your style!


STFVIT, thanks! :smiley:

POSEIdOON, thanks! <3

Beatrix, thank you! And I love yours. <3 It’s so nice to find great artist through challenge :slight_smile:

LadyMedusa, actually a spend up to 4 hours doing all shadows and lights, but yeah, it looks kinda cool in gif :smiley: Surprises me.

Lammakian thank you for kind words and for the gif! :smiley: I didn’t pay attention to loop option and have absolutely no clue how to use a code in messages, thanks! Now with your help, I know how to do magic. :3 I’ll try to do another gif on weekend, hope it’ll works. Thanks again! <3


8/22 Sketch

Snowman. Without a bonfire, like, regular snowman :smiley:
I’ll do coloring tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend, guys!~


Very cute! I look forward to coloring! :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Miss you so much!
In a weekend there was HELL at work, and I don’t have time to check on forum or draw. But today is better. Hope tomorrow I’ll have free time to look through cool stuff in others’ threads. :smiley:
Snowman in color!~

Have a nice week, guys!


Cute dancing snowman! :slight_smile:


I’m in loved with your colors!
You make it so perfect the main light, second light, bouncing light, the shadows and textures…
really cool pieces!


Your style is just so nice. I don’t know you as a person, but it seems like one could know you and what you like only through your artwork.
The images pooping whit character and joy - just lovely, not much else there to say.


Very beautiful in color. Shines.:slight_smile:


Thank you, guys! <3
Don’t’ know what else to say, just too tired. The last weeks before New Year at my work are tough. But your art makes me smile every time I come here! :smiley:

Sketch of a Santa. Who didn’t do much exercise lately and now found himself in a very difficult situation :smiley:


The thingsi like the most on your work are the designs and use of color!


This one i can tell its going to look great final piece :smiley:


Cute! The title of the tale: The unfortunate Santa and the bumbling masons. :slight_smile:


Keep pushing them out dude!


That Santa is going to have a bad time. I’d love to see this one colored too.


Very nice drawing of Santa Claus.
The expression is very effective.:slight_smile:


Too bad we didn’t get to see more of your work… But those rules… :frowning:
Not much that we can do about that, unfortunately.

I’ll follow you on instagram when possible :slight_smile: